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The Music that Transforms the World!


Everything in the cosmos is energy and vibrates at certain frequencies. So is sound and!
Music has a profound effect on nature and especially on humans and their emotions. It can easily affect one's mood significantly and is widely used for healing purposes and meditation.
As music plays a major role in our lives, in this section we are presenting you with the highest vibrational music the world has ever known!


Watch the following video carefully before reading below: 


cosmos11 is proud to host the unique work of the Australian Master Artist, Jandy Rainbow of "Unisonic Ascension", who is a leading figure of global scale because of her musical compositions with the solfeggio core frequencies.

Unisonic Ascension blends the science of music therapy and audio psychology as part of a unique, integrated approach to health, personal development and higher consciousness.
Our mp3s contain a combination of inspiring music and binaural beats, an effective audio-guidance technique that enables effortless relaxation and deep meditation.
Great pride is taken to combine professionally composed, sophisticated music with extensively researched audio psychology, to give you exceptional products to also assist with healing and regeneration.

All our mp3s are iPod® compatible and are at the highest quality encoding standards (320kbit @ 44.1khz).
This work is now available to the public and is sure to take you beyond meditation...

You can find out more, listen to sample sounds and obtain our music here.




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